Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movies and Games

I recently watched some pretty good movies and i couldn't help thinking why movie based games are without a doubt a complete waste of time. Take the Iron Man movie that came out a couple of years ago or pretty much any of the superhero movies like Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Batman, and Superman Returns, which were are great movies in my opinion, but the games were a big let down.

As a superhero fan I always cant wait for those type of movies to come out. Even though I know the game will be garbage I still rent them just in case the game designers finally did something right. Usually the story line of the game barely follows that of the movie, which I have no idea why they feel compelled to change or add things to a already great story. just the story isn't always a deal breaker for me, part of it is based on the controls. If the controls are too simple or the fighting technique is lame, i immediately trade the game in for something else.

All movie games are not complete garbage though, Xmen Origins-Wolverine is by far the best movie based game that has come out. The story line has a few extras in it but I think it adds to the story line. the difference between this game and the others that came before it, is that the game designers did a fantastic job on incorporating the extras into the main missions. instead of just throwing in random robots to blow up, the extras seem to make sense. unlike many of the other movie based games this game is not meant for kids. There is a lot of gore so it stays true to the Wolverine character. This game is incredible if anyone hasnt played it they need to.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Newest and Greatest

There are a lot of great games coming out soon. Games like Halo Reach, Dark Void, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2, and UFC Undisputed 2010, but what I want to talk about right now is Red Dead Redemption, a set in the old west where the only type of justice is justice served with a bullet. Since Red Dead Redemption is the sequel to Red Dead Revolver, which came out in 2004, Rockstar Games has made a lot of improvements since then on the title, in my opinion. 

The two games are similar in the aspect of, you dont really have to finish your mission right away. It has the same playing style of Grand Theft Auto 4, which i think is the best type of gameplay. If the main story line of Red Dead Redemption has not surfaced yet but some of the key features have. One of the main features is very similar to that of Grand Theft Auto, the ability to do side missions while still doing a main mission, which makes sense because Rockstar makes both titles. I think that is the best way to make games these days. Sometimes the main missions are crazy hard, and you need a little break without having to start all over again.

Rockstar has released some of the features besides the side missions. In this Red Dead title the player has his own horse unlike the first one where you could just take whatever horse you wanted as needed. The significance of this is that you can train your horse to be loyal to you. They gave an example of how the character was riding in the desert and a person came up to them asking for help. As soon as they got off of their horse, the man started to laugh and tried to ride off with the characters horse. Since the horse was loyal, all the character had to do was whistle and the horse bucked the bandit off and trotted back to the character.

The best feature of all is, the decisions that you make in the game changes the way the direction of the game goes, and what people think of you. You can either do good deeds by helping people out for money, or you can be a criminal and rob banks and things like that. This games has all of the makings to be incredible, and i cant wait to buy it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Xbox Live

I was playing Call of Duty (or as hardcore gamers like to call it COD like the fish), and it seemed like every time before a game started someone would talk trash for no reason. In one particular match i played in It started out as joke. A few that's what she said, or some your mom jokes, but then it would get personal real quick, and the game turned into a crazy, uncontrollable rage filled grudge match.

It's not like it was just one person trying to piss me off in that game, it was the entire team saying some of the most ignorant unnecessary shit possible just because my gamertag is Santos 007. Since the other team was a clan some of the people on my team already had it in their minds that we would lose by saying stuff like "man we are done for sure." Being in a clan did not help that team out one bit. Needless to say I kicked some serious ass. I think my ending kill to death ratio was something like twenty-three to five. Which definitely pissed the other team off. They started saying how I was cheating, and had a modded controller, which I have no idea what that means. All I said back to them was scoreboard. For me thats my nicest way of saying fuck you ass wipe when I play online.

Im not sure why most people feel like they have to be such an internet tough guy, but at least one person in every game i have played comes out of no where and feels compelled that he has to talk trash. I personally think that whoever starts crap is over compensating for something.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here it is

Hey everyone my name is Chris and this is my first time blogging. This blog is directed towards  video games that i currently play, games that i look forward to coming out and some games that i was disappointed with and daily occurrences while playing online. Whether I'm playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live or just hanging with friends playing RockBand, you're going to hear about it.