Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movies and Games

I recently watched some pretty good movies and i couldn't help thinking why movie based games are without a doubt a complete waste of time. Take the Iron Man movie that came out a couple of years ago or pretty much any of the superhero movies like Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Batman, and Superman Returns, which were are great movies in my opinion, but the games were a big let down.

As a superhero fan I always cant wait for those type of movies to come out. Even though I know the game will be garbage I still rent them just in case the game designers finally did something right. Usually the story line of the game barely follows that of the movie, which I have no idea why they feel compelled to change or add things to a already great story. just the story isn't always a deal breaker for me, part of it is based on the controls. If the controls are too simple or the fighting technique is lame, i immediately trade the game in for something else.

All movie games are not complete garbage though, Xmen Origins-Wolverine is by far the best movie based game that has come out. The story line has a few extras in it but I think it adds to the story line. the difference between this game and the others that came before it, is that the game designers did a fantastic job on incorporating the extras into the main missions. instead of just throwing in random robots to blow up, the extras seem to make sense. unlike many of the other movie based games this game is not meant for kids. There is a lot of gore so it stays true to the Wolverine character. This game is incredible if anyone hasnt played it they need to.


  1. I have never played any of these games. But I have seen some of these movies and they are really good. I would think since the games are really good and intense that the games would be also. So I was really surprised. I guess after watching a movie that is excellent you have high expectations that the video game will be excellent too. But I am sure they sell more games. Because if you enjoy a movie you think to yourself I will love the game. And then it’s a huge let down and people become disappointed.

  2. Hey, man I totally agree about that, for it seems most are a let down. They are either to simple or I feel the game can sometimes really ruin a good movie for me because they always come out befor the movie. Thus in some cases totally not making the movie any fun to watch because you already know the plot.
    In the case of the first Batman movie, its game made some parts of the movie a little boring because I knew what was coming since I played the game prior to seeing the movie. Like I thought that making a movie for halo after a while would really be a let down. For its not going to be as good in my opinion or so say hectic. Anyway loved this post, totally agree with it.

  3. Criminy, those games are amazing graphically. My friend lost some days playing the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction; of course, that wasn't tied directly to a movie.