Saturday, January 9, 2010

Xbox Live

I was playing Call of Duty (or as hardcore gamers like to call it COD like the fish), and it seemed like every time before a game started someone would talk trash for no reason. In one particular match i played in It started out as joke. A few that's what she said, or some your mom jokes, but then it would get personal real quick, and the game turned into a crazy, uncontrollable rage filled grudge match.

It's not like it was just one person trying to piss me off in that game, it was the entire team saying some of the most ignorant unnecessary shit possible just because my gamertag is Santos 007. Since the other team was a clan some of the people on my team already had it in their minds that we would lose by saying stuff like "man we are done for sure." Being in a clan did not help that team out one bit. Needless to say I kicked some serious ass. I think my ending kill to death ratio was something like twenty-three to five. Which definitely pissed the other team off. They started saying how I was cheating, and had a modded controller, which I have no idea what that means. All I said back to them was scoreboard. For me thats my nicest way of saying fuck you ass wipe when I play online.

Im not sure why most people feel like they have to be such an internet tough guy, but at least one person in every game i have played comes out of no where and feels compelled that he has to talk trash. I personally think that whoever starts crap is over compensating for something.


  1. I also play online games and COD is one of my favorites and I have to agree that it does get annoying when other people start yapping about bullshit. Another thing that gets annoying is when people sign on and dont even play. They get into the game and then its like they just walk away from the game. It doesnt do your team any good when assholes do this. But after still beating these people it feels good to rub it back in their faces.

  2. Man I get exactly what you are saying. I play on xbox live myself, and it pisses me off so bad when people talk shit. especially when they suck, or kill you one time in like five maps. I mostly play COD Modern Warfare 2 since its extra badass, but I play free-for-all or hardcore team death match. When you do work on some noobs or you get the last kill and it's a sweet one, the person gets all embarassed and feels like they have to talk shit to make up for them sucking. I also tend to say scoreboard but if that doesn't work then I tend to get mean, but I try not to be. But I completely understand where your coming from and just do work on them and shut em up! Late

  3. I don’t even have Call of Duty but I know ho wyou feel about people constantly talking shit. So I usually don’t play games online because my temper causes me to say some of the most ignorant things. Especially if the person is constantly talkin shit. But I compliment you for just playing the game and beating everybody and not getting to mad. I would have tried to have gone through game so I could get to them personally. But then again I really don’t play games that much the only reason why I can relate is because I used to play halo on my laptop in high school, in the middle of class, and a lot of people in my school were doing it and we would all talk shit to one another but some people got a little crazy with it. So eventually I just quit playing before I got in trouble.

  4. Yea I feel you on trash talkers espically since they are the ones who seeming end up last on their team. It's the same exact thing on playstation network, you always got the stereotypical guy: playing lil wayne loud as hell, acting like the are the best player out their, and gets pissed off when they lose. I remember playing search and destroy and their was this 12 year old kid trash talking and he was the first one killed in the game. so believe me trash talking is everywhere

  5. Chris--

    I've never played online, and I'm not entirely sure that I would want to against total strangers. For me, playing video games is a reason to get together with friends.

    Remember to put spaces between paragraphs when writing online (without indenting). Also, there are some terms you use here that might need further explanation (e.g, "clan,") or areas that need more detail (e.g., specific comments lobbed at you or why your screen name was a source of ridicule. The James Bond thing?)


  6. I know what you mean man. I also play call of duty, and it seems to be every other game you have someone who has to talk trash or you're on a team with the annoying kid with the high-pitched voice that loves to sing. I think its funny when you do the best and other people think of any excuse they can for why they lost, such as the modded controller. I play a lot of search and destroy and I found out that shooting rockets across the map as soon as the game starts will piss anyone off. haha.