Monday, February 1, 2010

Mass Effect

So I recently bought Mass Effect 2 and it is amazing. Everything about it really is flawless. The graphics are ridiculously good, and the story line is pretty deep for a video game. In the first Mass Effect you play as a human soldier for the Alliance Army in the year 2183 and your job is to make sure that humanity isn't totally whipped out by an alien race called the Reapers. Essentially it is a suicide mission that most really good action packed movies are about. Which I think makes for a really good game.

One of the key features i loved is that the decisions you made in the first game affect how people react to you in the sequel. It takes the saved game data, (if you have completed the first game) and transfers it over. i have know idea how it works but it does. At the end of the first game you can choose to save the Alliance council members or let them die and have a humanity take over. Since i had already beaten the game as a "Good Guy"I let the council die. So in the Sequel I went back to the Citadel, which is were the council resides, and i was labeled as the human who let the council die, and most stores wouldn't give me business until I proved that I made the right choice. So every major decision i made actually had a consequence. Since I haven't tried to start a new game without using my old game data I'm not entirely sure how the game would play out.

 Another feature I found out about was in a article I read in a monthly magazine I get called  GAMEINFORMER. The article said the game has over 40 hours of gameplay. Which is crazy to think about because thats like almost a day and a half of nonstop gaming. The best feature of all in my opinion is when you finally beat the game you can start over and still use the same character and continue to buy equipment and upgrades to make the ultimate soldier. If you love to play role playing games for the 360, Mass Effect is a must have.


  1. I don’t really play the 360 so I can`t really relate but this game sounds fun. If were to play the game I wouldn’t have played the good guy just because I had a choice not to. But that is also a lot of game hours to play a game. That is almost two days worth of game playing. I couldn’t play a game that long. Me personally I don’t play games that much because I get so bored so easily. But the game you are talking about seems fun. If I have the chance I may take some time to play it.

  2. Wow. The way you played the original games affects the play of the sequel. That's frighteningly wonderful. Ah, technology.

    Chris--your blog title. I'd suggest that you really make it reflect the fact that your talking Xbox games only. Try a title with "X" in it somewhere.