Monday, February 8, 2010

Scene It ?

 So i recently got a new game called Scene it? which is a movie trivia game for the Xbox 360. it sounds gay but its actually pretty fun, if you like movies and think you know everything about them this game is for you. It has a ton of achievements for any type of gamer. Whether your a hardcore gamer or just want to chill with friends and play a game just for fun, Scene it? is a great game. 

the main reason why i wanted to get it was because my Supervisor at my work told me a little bit about it and he said that the game comes with these crazy looking controllers that really make the game fun. which mad me really made when i went to Gamestop the other day and found out that they have been discontinued for some random reason.This game surprised me a little bit, since I'm not really into those types of games i was hesitate to buy it. but i maned up and just went for it. I thought since i like watching movies it couldnt be too bad. the creators (in my opinion) did a good job with a few aspects of the game, graphics and difficulty.

It is a bit cartoony but it adds enjoyment to the game. for example if your not doing to well the host will say something stupid and make fun of you, but because he is a cartoon he does it in a goofy way  which makes it easier to forgive him, opposed to a more realistic character making fun of you which would just make someone mad and want to quit playing.  The graphics are still pretty sharp and and movie clips(depending on the type of Tv) are in High Def.  i would give the graphics a 9/10

some game modes are pretty difficult like Sequential. in this mode you have a list of like six movies from different years and you have to put them in the order of which came out first. sometimes they have movies range from the 30s to current year, it thought it sounded pretty easy when my Supervisor told me about this mode but when i tried it i was mistaken. other game modes are a lot easier like POP Quiz. in this it will be focused on one actor, which makes it pretty easy if you have seen some of their movies. for difficulty i would give it and 8.5/10

over all this game is pretty fun. if you like to get a lot of achievements or just like to play for fun this game has over 2,800 questions not including up coming downloadable content, so you never get the same question twice and if you do, well you must be playing it too much.
 for an over all score i would give it a 9/10.

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  1. Good pic of the controllers (one sentence describing them would have been helpful). Put a screenshot or the game cover in here too. You're probably going to want to get more than one pic in these, as you're writing about a highly visual medium.

    Make sure to proofread these, Chris. There are many rough parts here, with this one being sort of funny: "which mad me really made."

    Overall, very detailed an an thoughtful review.