Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Natal

Natal Sensor

I just recently found out about Microsoft's new product, Natal. The first time i saw anything about this was on one of the episodes of the tv show Smallville. I was really intrigued since one of the characters said it was on the xbox and i wanted to see if it was a real game. after a little bit of research I found that it was first announced at a video game expo called E3 in June of 2009. I must have been living under a rock in June because I didnt hear anything about it, and  if you havent, here it is.

Project Natal takes the technology of Nintendos Wii and pretty much puts it on crack. It is serious one of the coolest things i have ever seen for a video game. It is a sensor, camara, headset all in one. the best part of it is that it makes some of the xbox games no longer require a controller, now your body is the controller. So no more people getting mad playing games and saying "AH this controller is retarded, thats not the button i pushed" now is something goes wrong the persons body is retarded.

right now i think that they have 14 games that will be ready to go at the time of its release but most of them are not known to the public yet. the 3 main games that have been demoed are Ricochet, Burn Out Paradise, and Milo and kate. In Ricochet you have to hit balls at a wall to break the bricks, and is you hit the bonus bricks extra balls will come flying at you. this is the game that will make any person look goofy. which brings up the point if you are not a very out going person you prolly wont have fun playing this with a bunch of friends. the next game is Burn out.  this is a old racing game but it still would be fun with Natal. all you have to do is hold your hands out in front of you and place you right foot forward for gas. seems simple right, well in the jimmy fallon video the game looks like the turning would be very sensitive. for people who like racing games that might be what they have been waiting for. The last demo at E3 was Milo and kate. i wont talk too much about it because it was in my first video i had a link for. the feature i do what to talk a little bit about is the fact the Milo actually recognized the girl when she said hi. the technology with video games is absolutely crazy. the fact that at the end of the video Milo says "hey tomorrow is your mothers birthday" just blows my mind. sooner or later video games will be like the movie Gamer
Steven Spielberg at E3 2009 Promoting Project Natal
if any gamers have doubts about this new technology dont. the biggest thing about Project Natal is that Steven Spielberg helped to produce it, and he would not just put his name on the line for anything. with the exception of some of his earlier movies, most of his work is pretty impressive.


  1. Fascinating, Chris, great post. You're really getting into this.

    I wonder if Wii is working on second-generation technology to challenge Natal (interesting name--sort of a "back to the beginning" motif).

    I would recommend that you proofread. You're missing many capitals at the beginnings of sentences, for example.

    Great links! Keep it up!

  2. I must be under a rock. I've never even heard of it, and I love video games- I must be slacking. Must be because my body is retarded.

    Haha take that Spielberg. I'm not sure he knows that much about gaming, so I'm not sure I trust any game he puts his name on. But that doesn't change the fact that E.T. sucked.

  3. Hurray for XBOX lovers everywhere! Does this mean that 16 year old gamers will actually get off the couch and use a body part besides their thumbs? This comes from a person who lives with one of these individuals.