Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ultimate Team

FIFA 10  just recently released an update for a new game mode called Ultimate Team. For any guy who use to collect sports cards as a kid or still does, this is like a dream come true. It's essentially the same soccer game before the update, but now instead of spending money on players you spend tokens on six types of cards, bronze, bronze premium, silver, silver premium, gold and gold premium. The different colors represent the overall stat of the player, so a player with a rating of 75 and higher would be in a gold pack. The difference between the regular and premium packs are that the premiums come with three rare cards and twelve normal, while the regular only comes with twelve normal and one rare card. The cool thing about that is you don't always get players, you can also get, new jerseys, stadium perks like home field advantage, and healing cards that help you players recover faster.

At first you start of with a all bronze team which the highest rated player is like a 50. It would be easier to have most of those people from the same nation of club because the chemistry would be pretty good and that would make winning games a lot easier, but mostly all of the players are from all over the world. After winning a few tournaments you should have enough tokens to buy a silver pack, or you could use gamer points from the Xbox Live Marketplace and buy a gold premium pack for 120 points. Thats what  did since I had a few points left over from a previous download.

this is how you set your formation and where you want your players to be

I found the best strategy I found was making sure that your teams chemistry is fairly high. Even if you don't have good players, as a team they will still play good. Since I already had had a few players from three different countries I used that as a template for my team. I run a 4-4-2 squad so that means I have four Spaniards four my defense plus my goalie, two Italians and two Americans for my midfield, one Italian and one American for my forward positions. So all of the people from the same nation or if you use a formation that most of your players like to play with your team will have a strong chemistry, which makes any team pretty much unstoppable. I currently sit 18-0 with four tournament trophies.
You can either play tournaments online against other ultimate team users or you can play offline against the computer (which is what i do because I don't want to mess up my perfect record against some online.)
This is an example of how to search for players you want to trade tokens or other cards for, it can get pretty detailed

The biggest feature about this mode is that you can actually trade cards with other people online. Its cool because you can take any card that you have a duplicate of or that you just don't want and sell it for tokens. There are two ways you can trade, first you can just straight up sell the card or you can offer another card plus some tokens. The second strategy might come in handy with some of the more expensive players. I checked some players a few days ago and I found the Wayne Rooney, (a English forward) was selling for 200,000 tokens. When I saw that I thought the guy was crazy since you only get a few hundred tokens for each game you win, but if you win tournaments then you get a little over a thousand. Even though you still find some outrageous offers like that its still a awesome mode to play when you get bored with the original modes.


  1. Ultimate team sounds really col. I have never collected sports card but most of my guy friends and brother do. I don’t really understand the entire reason why people collect cards though. Like what’s the point? And why is it worth so much I mean it’s just a card. I really liked your pictures. And then having to figure out how to trade and who is a better card. I just don’t understand why that would be really fun. But the video game may be easier to understand and a lot funnier cause you can play against pretty much anyone around the word if it’s live.

  2. It's funny because all of my friends are starting to play fifa. We played tourneys all weekend! lol I suck, but I'm gettin' better. On topic though, this sounds like an interesting concept. Like a trading card game made virtual!!

  3. Stephanie--

    Collecting sports cards was a hobby I picked up as a kid, and for some reason, I still enjoy, but only with cards made before the 1990s. I lost a lot of zeal for the hobby as it became more expensive (it is an adult hobby first these days).Nonetheless, I still have a warm spot for the cards I sought after when I was younger. That's my story, anyway.

  4. Chris--

    Great job. So one accrues tokens by winning games, yes? Are there also rewards for achieving certain point totals or reaching certain statistics?

  5. yea you get tokens for winning games. i think there is a achievement for reaching 1,000,000 tokens, but i could be wrong

  6. I just bought this game about a week ago and ive been playing it all week.Im not too good yet, but i'm slowly learning haha. There are so many game modes to choose from, but i have not tried the "Ultimate team" mode yet. It sound pretty fun and i will have to try it out sometime.

  7. Cool! Trading cards has finally caught up to the rest of technology. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. I used to collect baseball card when I was younger but that’s all. Never taded them or messed around with them. Just collected and put in a box with the rest. It seems like it’s a good statigy game, which I like to play, but not sure how I’ll take on it just yet. But I’ll definitely at least give it a shot and see what I think of it.