Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is a pretty unique game. At first i was hesitant to try it out, but i was bored one day and just went for it. The main thing that kept me from getting it when it first came out was the graphics. They are not like most games these days, they are kind of look like a comic book come to life. Everything has some sort of shading technique or outlining to it and since I wasn't use to it at first it started to grow on me.

The gameplay is actually pretty good, which surprised me. For some reason i think that if i don't like the graphics the gameplay will be complete garbage.

At the beginning you get the choice of four different characters, (sort of like how you can choose classes and different species to play as in games like Oblivion and Fallout 3) which are a hunter, soldier, a berserker, and a Siren. Each character has unique powers and weapons only available for them. Sure its cool, but i can never choose which character i like most since all of them have certain abilities that i like. for instance the hunter can use snipers and has a crazy pet named bloodwig that runs around and kills people who attack you. the berserker is really strong with melee weapons and since most of the enemies run up on you that skill would come in handy. the soldier is really good with assault rifles and can throw down a turret if too many enemies attack him, finally the Siren, she is pretty much like a witch. she has an ability called Phasewalk. When she uses that she can run around in like fast motion and everyone else stands still. So naturally i had to think about who i wanted to use, and who i would have fun using the most.

I think the best feature of all though, is the multiplayer. You can have up to four of your buddies playing your campaign at a time. Since most of my friends already had the game they were much higher levels then i am, which brings me to my next point. If you have a friend with a higher level then you, he can join your game and pretty much dominate. The games difficulty works on how high your level is. at the time i was about a level 7 when one of my friends joined me game and he pretty much did half of my missions for me. every time he shot someone they would explode because his weapons were so strong. If you have friends that will help you out, like i do, they can drop expensive weapons for you to sell or keep until you can use them. In a way i guess its kind of cheating since you don't have to earn money if you have some friends willing to help you, but oh well some times you have to cheat to win.


  1. Although this is a game I have yet to play, it sounds pretty tight. You mentioned Fallout 3 and that is a game I have played. I think this game is a really intense and futuristic game type. The phasewalk video seemed really cool too. It sort of reminded me of this one move on Fallout 3, where the game stops and you focus in on the target for an accurate shot.

  2. Ah, the old adage applies: know friends in high places.