Monday, March 15, 2010

Video Games Do Help

There have been times when I have used video games as an outlet. Sometimes I play them if I am upset about something, or just in need of a break from everyday life. Sometimes it works, and other times it just adds on more stress. One example of how video games actually made my day just a bight brighter happened a couple of days ago. That day I had to go to work early in the morning, which I was not too thrilled about since day shift sucks at my work. I was so tired I felt like one of the zombies from Left 4 Dead walking around without purpose.

 As soon as I got to work everything started to go down hill. I got a really bad headache, which made me grumpy, in turn made everyone else in a grumpy mood toward me. I remember I thought to myself "damn I need to go home and kill some people on Call of Duty to get rid of this aggression"   Sitting in a bush waiting for lower level players to walk by me always makes me feel better, because as soon as they do I jump out and knife them in the back, then go right back to my hiding spot. It seems a little disturbing but its Call of Duty where sometimes you have to embrace your dark side if you want to win. Since I knew that wasn’t an option I had to just suck it up.

Half way through my shift I remembered that I had a three o’ clock class. I almost had a breakdown right then and there, but I quickly pulled myself together, drank some water and immediately started to strategize how I was going to make my class. Since I was supposed to be off work at two-thirty I tried to talk to my Supervisor about going home early, but she wasn’t having it. That was just another thing that pissed me off, so I just gave up and took off twenty minuets early. My management usually doesn’t pay attention to me anyway so they probably didn’t notice that I left, but looking back on it that probably wasn’t the best decision because I could actually get in trouble by the Director of Food Service for the Hospital if my Supervisor decided to rat me out, still it needed to be done.

As soon as I left work, traffic decided to just hate me. I don’t know if there was an accident or something else but I was moving like fifteen miles an hour. I started to day -dream about how if I was in Grand Theft Auto I could fix this problem real quick. I would just get out of my car and find the car that was holding up traffic, punch the window out and just beat the crap out of them. Next I would take their car instead of walking back to my car. Since I had to come back to reality, I had to sit and wait. I was going so slow I’m pretty sure I saw a ten-year-old girl on a bike pass me. After a few minuets of road rage, I finally started to drive at a normal pace. Imagine that, a school bus decided to pull out in front of me, which is the one thing in the world that pisses me off more than anything else. School buses always drive too slow and they make way too many stops when I have to be somewhere, it never fails.

When I finally made it home, I rushed to my room and threw on the first shirt I saw and a pair of jeans. When I came out my dog started whining. I knew if I just took off she would probably take a crap in my house then my dad would go nuts on me for not letting her out. I thought to myself “Awesome I already had everything else screw me over, what’s another?” After about ten minuets of waiting for my stupid dog to walk around in a circle just to find the perfect spot to squat, I headed off to class.

Amazingly I didn’t encounter too many problems on the way to class, but when I got on campus I knew my class was in the Reese building but I drew a blank on what room it was in. I yelled “SON OF A…” out of pure frustration, and the old lady at the front desk just looked and me shaking her head. Sometimes I wish I were in Saints Row 2 because every time you push the Y button (at least I think it’s the Y button) your character yells out some random cuss words, and no one pays attention. Since I wasn’t in Stilwater, which is the city where Saints Row is set in, I was compelled to apologized to her for cursing, and while I walked passed her I said, “it’s just been one of those days.”

I took a few deep breaths, and I had an epiphany, and realized that I had my schedule in my book bag. I felt ridiculous for flipping out like that for no reason, but sometimes you just have to let it out. I found my class with a couple minuets to spare, but that wasn’t really a good thing. The only seat left was in the front by the creepiest dude I have ever seen. He kind of looked like Mario from the Super Mario Bros games, but he smelled like piss. I couldn’t really say too much about smelling awful since I didn’t get a shower after work myself, but in any case it was still pretty bad.

As I was sitting in class I started to daydream once again. I was so bored in class that I thought of the Russian terrorist group, (in the second or third level from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ) breaking in the back door of the room with their huge guns, and taking hostages. Everyone started freaking out except me of course because it’s my daydream. One of the terrorists walked up to me and pointed his gun in my face and spoke something in Russian, I said F you and snatched the gun right out of his hand then started blowing all his little buddies away.  

what i pictured when i thought of speeding home

When I finally decided to pay attention class was about over.  That little event made me want to rush home as if I were driving a Nissan GT-R from Need For Speed, weaving in and out of traffic just to get home and finish off my horrible day with a little R&R on Call of Duty with some of my buddies, and I did just that. When I got home I went straight to my fridge, grabbed a drink and headed off to my room. The only thing that went right the entire day, was the fact that I had put my rechargeable battery into its charger. As soon as I as I saw the green light by my battery (meaning that it was fully charged) I felt as if all was right with the world again and I could finally relax.

After putting my battery in my controller I made sure I had my Modern Warfare 2 disc in my Xbox. For the first time that day I had a good feeling about what I was getting ready to do. I was right because my first game I played, I used all of my built up frustration and just totally annihilated the other team single handedly. My finally score was 28-5 (meaning I had 28 kills and 5 deaths). I think the person who was in second place on my team had only 9 kills. After all of the crap I went through that day I knew if I could just make it home my Xbox wouldn’t let me down, and I was right.

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  1. Let's hope you never freak out like shown in the video.